About Shay Davis

Shay grew up at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, where art and sports competed for his passion from an early age. He found accommodation for both, eventually becoming a star running back for the University of Colorado while simultaneously attaining a bachelor’s degree in fine art.

After graduation, sports temporarily gained the bottom hand as he devoted himself to developing his distinctive brand of “futuristic surrealism". This style can be complex, occasionally austere, often playful, and always purposeful.

Equilibrium was reestablished in 2004 when Davis moved to San Diego and began dividing his time between studio and surf. Taking turns riding the waves and perfecting his craft. It was in San Diego that he found himself traveling in easy company with students of the “lowbrow” school, a vivid and often mischievous style well-suited to his laid-back nature.

Davis practices the same approach to painting as favored by the Dutch Masters, a time-consuming and labor-intensive method involving several strata and tremendous mental organization. Davis’s themes are likewise layered, inviting the mind to penetrate the surface and extract meaning unique to each beholding eye.

Shay has won many awards and has had gallery shows all over the world.

Awards and Accomplishments

Art and Soul (Program teaching Children with disabilities how to paint)
Honorable Mention Art Award: Curtis Humanities Art Center 2000
Designed Logos for Solo Sports
Designed CD cover for the Rap Group Three Kings 2002
Showcase Artist: Mask project Cherry Creek 2004
Mutts and Modeling Charity Event 2004
Coldwell Banker Charity Auction for Homeless 2004
Spill Lounge Charity Event 2004
Old Chicago Designated Artist 2005

Celebrities With Paintings

Matt Russell: Detroit Lions
Matt Lepsis: Denver Broncos
Koy Detmer: Philadelphia Eagles
Steve Busik: Denver Broncos
Angel Echeveria: Colorado Rockies
Bill Garnett: Indiana Pacers

Halle Berry: Actress
Tony Hawk: Pro Skateboarder
Jayne Seymour: Actress
Greg Allman: Allman Brothers

Galleries and Shows

Coors western art show, Denver Colorado, 2022
Best of the west show, Great falls Montana, 2021.
Out west show Cheyenne Wyoming, 2020 Fist place
Westward gallery "western Funk" 2019 Denver, CO
Abend gallery "solo show" Vision Quest 2018 Denver, CO
Abend gallery " minature show" 2016. Denver, CO
Abend gallery " Inner visions" 2016. Denver, CO
Point Gallery, "what i have become" 2015. Denver, CO
Oxholm Galleri, Copenhagen Denmark. 2014
Scope Sweden 2014
Cave Gallery, Los Angles, CA. 2011
Distinction Gallery, "seven deadly sins" San Diego, CA. 2011
Oceanside Museum of art, steam punk show. San Diego, CA 2010
Cannibal Flower featured artist. Los Angles, CA 2010
Last rites gallery, New Breed. New York NY, 2009
Paramount Pictures artist for the movie the soloist. April, 2009.
Synergy art show for cancer, San Diego CA. 2008
Hive Gallery, Los Angles, CA. 2008
Sideways riders art show with eek a mouse, San Diego, CA. 2008
Alarm will sound. Distinction gallery, San Diego CA. 2007
Wildcoast art Show- fundraiser. San Diego, CA. 2007
Artwalk. San Diego, CA. 2007
Key Steakhouse. Denver, CO 2005
Spark Gallery Juried. Denver, CO. 2004
Daniel and Fischer Clock Tower Gallery. Denver, CO. 2004
Space Gallery. Denver, CO. 2002
Access Gallery. Denver, CO. 2001
Space Gallery. Denver, CO. 2001
Core Gallery Juried. Denver, CO. 2001
Curtis Humanities Art Center, juried. Denver, CO 2001
Dan Howell Art Show (Invite only) Denver, CO. 2000
Hugo Boss Charity fundraiser for homeless children. Denver, CO. 1999
Cherry Creek Arts Festival. Cherry Creek, CO. 1999
Chop House Charity event for Columbine High School. Denver, CO. 1999
Gregory's Design Center. Denver, CO. 1999